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Basic Information
Name: Kelly B. Clarkson

Eye Color: Hazel

Birthday: April 24, 1982

Birth Place: Burleson, Texas

Favorite Artists:
No Doubt,
Celine Dion,
Mariah Carey,
Reba McIntire

Favorite Song:
"Kissing You"
by Des'ree

Family and Friends
Mother: Jeanne Taylor
Father: Steve Clarkson
Step Dad: Jimmy Taylor
Brother: Jason Clarkson, age 29
Sister: Alyssa Clarkson, age 26
Best Friends: Jessica and Lindsay
High School Crush: Matt Penwarden

Interesting Tidbits


Kelly is a commando girl
She has a belly button ring and a nose ring
Kelly has a tattoo on her forearm of a cross, and a Japenese symbol on her neck
that means 'Blessed'
Kelly's parents divorced when she was six
Her favorite number is 24
Kell's favorite colour is Colbalt Blue
Her favorite foods are Pizza Rolls and Ding Dongs
Kelly's favorite T.V. shows are Designing Women, Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, and Will and Grace
Kelly's stepfather Jimmy is a construction worker
Kelly is the youngest in her family

Did You Know's


Kelly's worst Christmas Gift EVER was granny panties!
The other American Idol contestants said that Kelly's room at the AI mansion was the messiest!
Kell's fav actor on 'Friends' is Matthew Perry.
Kelly was an extra on such shows as 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' and 'That 80's Show'.
Kelly's only vocal training was through her high school's choir.
One of Kelly's fav movies is "The Goonies"!
Kelly loves hats and self-proclaims herself as a "hat-freak"!
Kelly used to use her closet as a recording studio!
Kelly got her belly button pierced when she was 16
Kelly is a 'night' person.
Kelly's Idol is Reba MacEntire
Kell's Fav expressions are 'Ducka ducka ducka (from 'Austin Powers') and 'Cool Beans'!
Kelly is lactose intolerent (allergic to dairy).
Kelly's favorite makeup brands are M.A.C. and Smashbox.
One of Kelly's nicknames is Kellbell.
Another one of Kelly's nicknames is 'Mariah Kelly!'
Kelly's fav Pig-Out food is Chips and Salsa with Ranch dressing.
Kelly's hidden talent is playing the violin.
Kelly likes taking bubble baths and reading 'Harry Potter'.
Kelly's American Idol audition number was 2311.
Kell's fav Holiday song is 'I'll be home for christmas'.

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